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15 gauge (1.8mm) carbon steel, commercial grade. Original design by Craft Wok since 2014, proven quality over the years.
Traditional chinese wok pan with round bottom: not suitable for flat electric or flat induction stove. Do not forget to season it before use! Instructions for easy seasoning are included with the wok. Our customer service is ready to guide through the process whenever you need it.
Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou. This wok is the proven choice of many professional Chinese chefs.

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WOK pan – the name of a deep pan with a round bottom of a small diameter. The main purpose of wok – “stir-fry”: fast frying with frequent stirring on a hot skillet. But other than that, WOK pan can be used as container for deep hot oil frying and for preparation of various soups, and as a steamer, and even as a smoker. This steel wok is suitable for open fire and you can even take it with you to outside and surprise friends with unbelievable Chinese dishes. Do not forget to season a carbon steel wok! Manuals can be found on the net.
15 gauge (1.8mm) carbon steel
Traditional chinese wok pan. Do not forget to season it before use!
Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou
Choice of many professional Chinese chefs
Steel helper handle will not burn when you stir fry over high heat

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